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Some lovely young ladies and I have decided to create a blog geared towards lost girls in society. Hollywoodlassie is a website that gives life advice that is based on a Christian foundation, while also doing some fun stuff like interviews, beauty tips, fashion lookbooks, giveaways and Disney posts. If you have time go check it out!… Read More My Other Blog

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Modesty, Let’s Talk About It

I know we’ve all had that lecture before. “You need to wear longer shorts.” “Put some leggings on!” “Go change that outfit.” “You’re not going out of the house like that.” Most of the time our answer is, “but everyone else is wearing it,” or “it’s in style.” It’s so hard shopping for modest clothing… Read More Modesty, Let’s Talk About It

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Book Review/ /The Lost Castle, Kristy Cambron

“Crumbling walls were rare, beautiful things.” Summary (from Goodreads): A thirteenth-century castle, Chateau de Doux Reves, has been forgotten for generations, left to ruin in a storybook forest nestled deep in France’s picturesque Loire Valley. It survived a sacking in the French Revolution, was brought back to life and fashioned into a storybook chateau in the… Read More Book Review/ /The Lost Castle, Kristy Cambron