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Product Review/ /Mikasa Beauty Brushes + Warm Makeup Look

  I’ve wanted to do a review on these brushes ever since I got them! From the start, I could tell they were made of good quality. Months later and I still think they’re fantastic.   The first thing I like to do before my eyeshadow is my brows. Mikasa has the perfect brow brush… Read More Product Review/ /Mikasa Beauty Brushes + Warm Makeup Look

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Mix n’ Match Watercolor Christmas Tags

Last year I came up with a dozen watercolor designs for friends and family’s Christmas presents. Afterwards, almost everyone wanted my tags to use for their gifts as well! This year I came prepared! Here is a link to my Etsy shop where you can purchase your very own Christmas tags, designed by yours truly! Tags… Read More Mix n’ Match Watercolor Christmas Tags

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Product Review/ /Voluminous Lashes and Brows

I have to admit that makeup is definietly not my strong suit. I love applying makeup and learning different techniques, but I have a hard time with the results. Fortunately, in this case it was a lot easier to achieve the desired look with the following products! My review: My brows are always flying everywhere.… Read More Product Review/ /Voluminous Lashes and Brows

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Nail Art/ /Foxy Fall Nails

Inspiration from Pinterest! I FINALLY made a video tutorial for you guys! I apologize in advance for the sad quality, but we have to start somewhere right? Hopefully, in the future, these will get better! Polishes I used: Sally Hansen Miracle Gel/ /Tribal Sun OPI Infinite Shine/ /Brains and Bronze OPI Infinite Shine/ /We’re in… Read More Nail Art/ /Foxy Fall Nails

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Hair Tutorial/ /Sun Kissed Balayage

Yesterday at school, I messaged my sister asking her if she felt brave. Turns out she was!She’s wanted balayage on her hair every since it first became popular. As soon as I learned how to do it, I promised that she would be the first.Here are the before and after pictures. Before After My sister’s… Read More Hair Tutorial/ /Sun Kissed Balayage