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Modesty, Let’s Talk About It

I know we’ve all had that lecture before. “You need to wear longer shorts.” “Put some leggings on!” “Go change that outfit.” “You’re not going out of the house like that.” Most of the time our answer is, “but everyone else is wearing it,” or “it’s in style.” It’s so hard shopping for modest clothing… Read More Modesty, Let’s Talk About It

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Motivation Inspiration/ /He Seeks You/ /Easter 2018

Resurrection Day is here! I cannot believe that Spring has already come.Every year, I like to read one of the 4 Gospel’s views on the crucifixion around Easter. This year I started reading from Matthew. During my Bible reading, I felt led to share this with you all. Here is what I got out of… Read More Motivation Inspiration/ /He Seeks You/ /Easter 2018

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Motivational Inspiration/ /Sweet Smelling Aroma

What does aroma mean in the Bible? When the Jewish people wanted to be forgiven of their sins they would purchase a spotlessly clean animal and take it to a high priest for a sacrifice. (“Without the shedding of blood there is no forgiveness..”) During the sacrificial ceremony on the altar in the holy of… Read More Motivational Inspiration/ /Sweet Smelling Aroma

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Motivation Inspiration/ /Clean the Garden

I’m all for spring cleaning. In fact, I’m a clean freak. I don’t just clean in the springtime. I clean all year round. I’m the type of person that will re-arrange my closet every couple of months and re-fold all of my closet drawers so that they look nice. Yes, I totally do that. And the… Read More Motivation Inspiration/ /Clean the Garden

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Motivational Inspiration + Book Review/ /Finding Worth

I partnered up with Livy, from Crown of Beauty magazine to write a post focusing on Finding Worth. To all the girls out there who are searching to find themselves. To all the ones who are wanting to feel loved or worth something in this world. To all the daughters of the Heavenly King, this… Read More Motivational Inspiration + Book Review/ /Finding Worth