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Motivation Inspiration/ /Clean the Garden

I’m all for spring cleaning. In fact, I’m a clean freak. I don’t just clean in the springtime. I clean all year round. I’m the type of person that will re-arrange my closet every couple of months and re-fold all of my closet drawers so that they look nice. Yes, I totally do that. And the… Read More Motivation Inspiration/ /Clean the Garden

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Motivational Inspiration/ /Ugly Reflecting Beauty

The new Disney remake of the classic tale, Beauty & the Beast, has caused the cinemas all across the world to be full of viewers. The box office results have surpassed the record boards. People blindly willing to support a cause that has accumulated into something much grander than it ought to. The depressing news… Read More Motivational Inspiration/ /Ugly Reflecting Beauty

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Motivational Inspiration/ /The Small Things

I’ve come to realize getting older is hard. So many responsibilities. Lots of peer pressure. Many, many more school books. Getting the additional privilege to run over pedestrians with four tires (JUST KIDDING). Who knew that being able to drive had its limitations and its advantages? Passing the permit test was significantly easy. (Even if I… Read More Motivational Inspiration/ /The Small Things