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A Love Letter

journal entry from ’15 My 16th birthday is coming up in 8 months and 11 days. I’m pretty nervous. Nervous about the future, mostly. Nervous about the decisions I’m going to make. Nervous about meeting you. Statistics say I have an 82% chance that I’ve already met you or I am going to meet you… Read More A Love Letter

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Book Review/ /Before You Meet Prince Charming, Sarah Mally

“My daughter, that which you wait for the longest you treasure the most, and through much struggle the prize is won.” Summary (from Goodreads): A young lady who is pure will shine with a radiant brightness in this world of darkness. How can a young lady stay physically and emotionally pure as she waits for God’s best in marriage?… Read More Book Review/ /Before You Meet Prince Charming, Sarah Mally

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Personal Post/ /The Things He Strives For

Ever since I read the Christy Miller series as a young girl, I started writing letters to my future husband. The main protagonist in the book does the same after she becomes a believer in Jesus, realizing that marriage is a picture of our relationship with God.  Don’t worry, this isn’t a letter to him,… Read More Personal Post/ /The Things He Strives For