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How to Create a Theme for Instagram

You’ve probably clicked on this post because,

a.) You want to make your Instagram more inviting.

b.) You want to possibly reach out to more affilated profiles to boost your business. 

c.) You are tired of the overall look of your feed.

d.) Ready to increase follow relationships?

Well, this post is going to help you with all of your Instagram needs! I even have a link to an awesome program that posts content for you for free!

First off, what’s the content?

What are you posting a lot of? What is it that makes you happy posting?

Instagram has divided most content between categories. 

Categories include: beauty, shopping, style, animals, fitness, food, decor, travel, art, music, diy, humor, and TV & movies.

Base your content on the categories you mainly post to increase following. 

Now we need to choose a theme.

Most people choose a theme based on a color or a preset. 


This theme you can see she uses a lot of pinks and neutrals. Krisin is one of my hair role models! She even has her own line of beauty tools and products! Not to mention, she is Lucy Hale’s hairstylist.


I love seeing Emma Jenkin’s pictures because they’re always so bright and beautiful. You can see she enhances the color to make it appear more engaging. She is one of the most motivating women I follow!


Madyson uses a more faded warm theme. You can see she mainly posts things like coffee, writing, and posing fashion. I love that her content is simple, yet invting. 

Creating the magic.

Listen, y’all. I am not a photographer. My mom and sister are though. Use your resources if you must, but if you use these tips below you can take awesome pictures even though you’re not a pro. 

Once you’ve decided what content you want to post as well as a theme to go along with it, now we need to create the magic content!

When taking pictures, you can use a professional camera. But honestly, the average phone camera lens is pretty great! When taking pictures of yourself in a full body shot, use the tools on your camera! 

There should be a timer to snap a photo. Set the timer, stand your phone somewhere or bring a tripod and pose! It’s seriously that easy.

I love using Vsco for quick editing. There are tons of filters you can get that are not expensive at all. My favorites are HB1 + A6 + NC + M5.

Adobe Lightroom is an awesome way of editing photos for your theme! You can purchase presets on Etsy! I’ve been using this preset recently!

I am not sponsored by Vsco or Lightroom. I just really like these apps because they are easy to use and modern enough to keep up with the trends!

Let’s post!

When you have some photos ready, you can save them in an album to post manually like a normal person. Or you can use a program that posts automatically for you!

I use Later for all of my Instagram accounts! You can post 30 images for free every month! Once you have logged on using your Instagram login info and create an account you can start! It’s super easy!

Some of you might not have multiple accounts for Instagram, but even if you have one and want to focus on it, posting continually is key!

Keep your followers engaged with posting consistently.

I hope this helped my fellow Instagram family!

Check out my Instagram accounts!

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