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14 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Her

Do you ever struggle to find the right gift?

Because I sure do! Here is my helpful guide for buying a Valentine gift for her! I’ll be posting a Valentine gift guide for him soon!

The first 7 gifts will be under $25!

no. 1

Bath bombs are an excellent way of giving someone a gift that keeps on giving! Bath bombs are the perfect way to relax! Plus, how cute is this Hershey Kiss themed bath bomb?

no. 2

Succulents are a great gift for that friend who is always outdoors and enjoys nature! This minimalistic decor is a great gift!

no. 3

Sunglasses are perfect gift for any girl! Plus, you can never have too many pairs! I have at least 2 in my purse and 1 in my car at all times. Not counting the ones in my room…

no. 4

A bullet journal is a creative gift for the girl who has everything organized and planned! With bullet journals there are endless possibilities of personality.

no. 5

Grab your girl a cute new phone case! You know she needs it.

no. 6

Scrunchies are a girl’s best friend! They make the cutest addition to any outfit.

no. 7

Chocolate! How can you go wrong with chocolates?

The next 7 gifts are more costly, so save these ideas for the friend that means the most in your life!

no. 8

Flowers are the iconic Valentine’s gift for women. Keep it classic with these arrangements!

no. 9

This camel tote bag is the perfect gift for her!

no. 10

Who doesn’t want a warm fuzzy blanket to cuddle with?

no. 11

These earrings are super cute, you might even want to get a pair for yourself!

no. 12

Perfume is something sweet and personal. Treat her with a gift that she can use daily!

no. 13

Everyone needs a good moisturizer! I love this one from Clinique.

no. 14

A watch is a great gift for her! Keep her in the know with this rose gold gadget.

I hope this was a fun little idea booster!

Happy early Valentine’s to you and her!

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