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My State Board Experience

As most of you all know I took my Practical State Board Exam yesterday morning.

Unlike the previous test, this one was the biggie. The test in which I had to prove my skills. I’m going to give you a brief summary of the test, which I have been preparing for ever since I began Beauty School. The State Board Practical consists of several different things to do with hair, facials, hair removal, and manicures.

Kentucky finally changed the testing to NIC (National Interpreter Certification). Most other States go by the NIC in Cosmetology. Which basically means that if I were to ever move to another State that also has NIC, I don’t have to test again. (Yay!! Here I come Florida! JK)

Most of the time I was in Beauty School, I was practicing in the old way of the exam, which was a lot harder! But the last few months at school I transitioned easily to the way of NIC testing.

Anyway, let’s get back to yesterday.

My mom, sister and I got up around 5:15-5:30 and prayed when dad got home. Then we got ready and left a little after 6. Mind you, the testing facility was 45 minutes away and the test wasn’t until 8:30 that morning.

We wanted to have plenty of time to find it. And boy, I’m sure glad we did. Because I typed in the wrong directions.

We parked at this huge community college and waited till 8. I walked into the lobby and went up the escalator, all while dragging my suitcase full of mayo, clips, and my manniquin head. (I packed way more than just that btw)

I turned the corner to get to the room that my printed instructions said and two girls who mirrored myself said that nothing but school desks were in that room. So one of the girls asked the secretary person on the 1st floor if we were at the right place and it turned out we were not!

The girl beside me repeatedely said a not very nice word down the esalctor and we all booked it to our cars.

I called one of my already licences friends and she kindly guided me to the SOUTHERN campus, which was 1 mile away from where we were. I made it in plenty of time. Although I’m pretty sure I lost my calm and coolness at the first campus’s escalator.

I knew it wasn’t a good idea to drink coffee beforehand. With all the rush and panic of getting there on time, I forgot about my urge to use the bathroom. Which, honestly was a blessing.

Apparently, the 2 girls I met at the wrong location and I were not the only ones who went there, because another girl read my face and asked if we did it too. Then we laughed in the waiting section outside of the room.

I went first since my last name is Combs. After giving the head proctor my phone and ID, she assignment me to the first spot on the long table.

Whew, I’m getting all nervous again as I am writing this.

After an agonizingly long time of waiting for all the girls to get assigned a spot, we began.

To avoid making this such a looooong post, I’m breaking it into 2!

Read more of the story here!

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