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My State Board Experience II

All went fine, until the haircut.

My mannequin stand didn’t want to stay still. So Debra (my mannequin) started mimicking a bobblehead. That was fun. When it was time for the proctor to examine my haircut, I had to hold Deb in place while she checked it. It was slightly the awkwardest moment of my life.

Most everyone that I have talked to about the test has cut themselves during the hair cutting portion. Thankfully, I didn’t!

One of the main things that gave me an ulcur before, was packing everything I needed in my little carry-on suitcase. But if anything, I managed to pack too much!

To carry on, the only other thing I can think of that made me want to stop drop and roll, was the chemical head portion.

Remember me mentioning the mayo? Well…

Instead of using mannequin cholesterol (which is close to the texture of mayo, but smells MUCH better), I had to use the beloved condiment that smells like rotted cheese.

I didn’t think about it beforehand, but I probably should have put it in the fridge overnight. Because when I whipped that thing out of my bag I could smell it through the tupperware!

I felt so bad for the girl beside me. I apologized to her in my head the entire time.

I was supremely grateful when I was able to chuck the mayo in the trash bag I had labled. With State Board you had to label e v e r y t h i n g.

Even water.

I’m awaiting results as we speak. My email window is on constant refresh at the moment.

After working out last night I realized something that had me waking up literally singing (out loud)! God doesn’t require us to be perfect, He didn’t sacrifice Himself for the ones who have it all together. He loves us when we are weak and broken. And through faith in Him we can be overcomers!


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