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Another Love Letter

A love letter.

entry from summer of ’18

I’m sorry I keep looking at you.

Forgive me for not caring what anyone else thinks or imagines. I’m pretty sure everyone could tell when my heart melted to the floor.

When I look at you and find you looking at me my heart stops.

I never will think I’m good enough for you. No matter how different I will look on the outside. I hope someday you get to glimpse of what I truly look like on the inside.┬áThe me that has prayed and cried over you. The me that has met no one compared to you.

You’re so funny. The way you goof off and say things makes me want to smile until I die.

This might be the sappiest note, but I’ll probably never show this off to anyone. So no worries. (ahahah┬álol)

I just can’t get your face out of my mind.

I don’t know what is in the future, but I’m choosing to walk out on faith. No matter what happens, I will wait and follow Christ.

If I see you walking beside me, take my hand.

I’ll be waiting.

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