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Life at Walmart

I’m at Walmart now! You’re probably wondering if I am still in school. The answer to that is yes. I am still in school, and will probably still be in school till the end of November going into early December. It really just depends on my hours. I’m currently only working at Walmart so I can put some money back for savings.


My life has been so busy that sometimes in the free moments it feels like I need to be doing something. Do you ever feel that way? In my free time, it feels odd to be not busy.

Walmart is pretty great. I get to see a lot of people. LOTS of people.

Some are people I know, which makes it a great opportunity to catch up. But most of the time it’s customers who fit the Walmart stereotype. Do I believe there is a stereotype? Oh, yeah.

I want to share some funny stories that I have experienced since being at Walmart. Everyone goes to Walmart, and where my store is located within the radius of 3 different counties, we get all kinds of people. Bearded men and women, alike.

– Funny stories –

The phone card mishap ➜ The other night, this woman handed me her phone card and told me to go ahead and swipe it. I just assumed she was with the woman I was currently checking out. Well, she wasn’t. 🙂

I don’t know if the woman thought I was already done checking the woman out in front of her or what. But the lady before the phone-card woman (I don’t know her name, so for the time being her name is ‘phone-card’ woman), stopped me after and said that she, in fact, WAS NOT with the phone-card woman. I quickly apologized and finished checking her out. And then, I went to begin a new transaction, with the phone-card woman’s card and it said that the card had already been activated.

Which means that in all the dispute with the two women and the confusion with the card, I forgot to take the phone card off of the lady before! That was such a fun night.

Mini quartet ➜ Kids are my favorite. Some can be little tyrants and others complete angels. You know those buggies that you always wanted to ride on that you can sit double in front of the buggy and see out? Not the ones that face your mom, but the ones that made you the queen/king over Walmart? Well, there were 4 little boys sitting in one of those coming down my lane. I could hear them before I saw them, let me tell ya.

The mom of the 4 boys was just as loud as the crying orchestra. When she threatened to take their Xbox away all went silent. Until, one of the boys starting saying “nooooo” and then another one did the same thing, and then the others followed along. I made eye-contact with the mom and her face was priceless. I just smiled and hid a laugh.

God bless my sister who is wanting a lot of kids.

My great first impression ➜ Let’s start at the very beginning. I was getting my hair done the morning of my Walmart orientation. The girl doing my hair finished applying the root color 30 minutes before I had to be there. And the color takes 45 minutes to process. So I either had to ask her to wash it all out and go with a wet head or simply go with my roots looking like I was a caveman. So guess what I did? I went.

My instructor twisted my hair up in a french twist and told me good luck. Once I pulled into the parking lot, I tried to compose myself. I was a complete wreck. I made it into the very back office, after ignoring the glares I got from throughout the store. I thought I was going to be the only one during the process. Nope! There were 6 other people sitting around the table. And guess what chair they left me? The head chair, which no one wants to sit at because everyone has to look that way. So I sat down with more courage than I thought I had within me. 15 minutes in, the lady to my right kept eyeballing my head and making eye contact with me. She whispered, “is that hair dye?!”


The Spill  ➜ I was getting off the other night and I was gathering the return goodies people love to leave down my lane. As I was pulling the basket off of the counter, I had forgotten the gallon of paint I had set beside it. All of a sudden I head something heavy roll and “P L A T!” I didn’t want to look down. But I did and what I saw was an entire gallon of paint spewing out all over aisle 6. Which is the dreaded tobacco lane. As if it couldn’t get any worse, the lady who asked during the orientation if I had hair dye on my head was the only maintenance person on the clock. So she had to clean it up.

– All in all, I like my job at Walmart –


There was this family that came through and I immediately befriended the mom. She said that she buys the barista to-go coffee cups to make her feel like she went to Starbucks and I thought I was the only one who does that. We became really good friends just from that. Long story short, they had 2 buggies and each time I would turn the bag carousel around, the littlest boy would grab each bag like it was a dire emergency. After we were done I gave him a high-five.

I’ve gotten to train 2 people already! One of the CSMS told me that I was one of the best cashiers they’ve had.

Will I stay there forever? Probably not. But, I think it is an awesome step-up job for anyone starting or transferring from somewhere.

I miss my old job, only because of the slow pace of everything. I still get to see my favorite regulars. Seeing the same familiar faces helped me transition easier.

Business can be a good thing, even though we might view it selfishly as not having enough time for me. My new ambition is to seek every moment with gentleness and “walk worthy of God who calls [you/me]  into His own kingdom and glory.”

If you have any questions about Walmart, just ask! I don’t mind to answer!







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