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Must Needed Bags + Bag Essentials

Do you ever pack and pack, and then re-pack your purse because you always are need of something that you don’t have? Well, here are some bag essentials that I have needed in the past and you might need in the future!

Hair Elastics
You do not know how many times people have asked me for one! It always seems like the days that you need a hair elastic the most, you can’t find one on you. That’s why I love this kind of elastics because I can wear them on my wrist without fretting over my circulation.

Especially when the seasons are changing! I usually have 2 kinds of chapsticks with me; the kind that I can share with my family, (yes even dad), and one that has a tinted stain to it.

For the times when your skin is rougher than rock or dry like the Sahara desert.

Concealer is my main makeup product. I can’t go without it, so I always like to keep an extra one on me.

You know when you slip a pair of socks on and once you’ve left the house you realize you chose the ones that don’t want to stay on your heel? Please tell me you’ve been there. Packing an extra pair of socks can be a lifesaver!

Power Bank
Which can also be a lifesaver!

Pack more than one, you never know who may need one! I always feel like I’m prepared for anything when I pack a pen on me.

For those genius ideas that just hit you out-of-no-where! And maybe doodling…

For the quick trips to the gas station or into the store and you really don’t want to lug around your entire purse. Lanyards are perfect for holding your keys or little card wallet so you can keep your hands free!

Speaking of wallets… here are some adorable wallets UNDER $30!

A purse tells a lot about a girl. And not every purse is for just every girl. We all have our go-tos and favorites that are probably named. Does anyone else name their favorite purses?
Here are a few purses that, I think, every girl needs in her wardrobe!

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