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Life Update + Art Video

I haven’t been able to write as many blog posts recently. Keeping up with appointments, school tasks, work schedules, and another blog to keep up with, leaves me little time to pick up a book to read, let alone sit down to write. However, this afternoon I set aside my excuses and I am writing. Finally! Here are few life updates and personal stuff I just feel led to talk about!

How is school going?

Good! Really good, actually. I’ve gained speed as well as experience in foiling techniques and color. I used to say my favorite thing to do was cutting. But, after a while, it gets kind of repetitive. Although the fun pixie cut I got to do a couple of weeks ago was super fun. I have now labeled highlights and balayage my favorite. It leads me to the realization that I have prepared my whole life with painting, therefore, foiling and coloring comes naturally. The ability to change a simple canvas into something that will transform into anything is beautiful.

When will you be finished with school?

My instructor and I were calculating my hours a few days ago, and with perfect attendance, I’ll be done sometime late October. Knowing me, and my family, I might have to be absent a few days to go traveling in the Dutchmen (aka. our camper!). So my best guess is sometime in November. 

When’s your next trip?

We might be taking another trip to Tennessee very soon! Ever since we purchased the cabin, we haven’t been planning on going anywhere. Although, a little weekend trip down to the Smokey Mountains never hurt anyone. 😉 

What are your plans for the future?

I am currently still working at Dinner Bell, and hopefully, when the time comes the Lord will open another door that will lead me closer to where I want to be. My goal after I finish school will be learning in a salon, gaining clientele and experience that will help me prolong my career. Eventually, I would love to open up my own salon in Berea, adjoining a coffee shop with mix-matched mugs. Ahh, that would be lovely. 

Any relationship worth whispering about?

There was someone that I would have whispered to you about. Praying for that person still, even though the same intentions are not there anymore. I know that the Lord was leading me to pray for that person for a specific reason. However, I am still praying for the one who I have yet to meet. I believe God will place him in my life at the right time.

A friend of mine mentioned something that has stuck with me. When I told her I still wasn’t dating anyone she said,

 ‘keep running towards God, if you look to the side and see someone running towards God the same pace you are – get to know them.’

I had a rather awkward experience at the bank’s drive through the other day and since this is a personal post why not share a bit of my embarrassing life?

Not long after I pulled up to the bank, did a guy (sort of cute, I’d say a little older than me) in the passenger side of a big truck ask me for directions. I replied with, ‘Sorry. I’m really bad with directions. Can’t help ya.’ Now picture me in my car trying to scramble my money out of my wallet and count the change to write it down on a deposit slip (which I normally have ready before pulling into the bank), all while awkwardly conversing with a random guy whom I have never met before. He started asking me what my plans were for the weekend, and where I worked at, and la-da-dee. THEN the bank lady intercoms and says that she counted my change differently than what I wrote down on the slip. *awkward silence added to the even weirder awkward exchange* I guess I got sidetracked trying to avert the guy from asking any personal questions. (Whoops!)

We made eye contact and then he grinned with a ‘well, see ya! Have a nice day!’ Pretty sure he winked too.

The funny thing about the whole situation was the last time I was at this certain bank I saw someone I knew and had another awkward conversation, while the whole time I was praying the bank lady would hurry up. It’s not like I could’ve rolled my window with a curt nod and wave. If only, right?

Long story short, I probably won’t be back to this bank anytime soon.

I’ve always had a hard time conversing with people that I’m not around with a whole lot. I guess it’s a homeschool thing, maybe? But then again, I’ve met homeschoolers (who are really good friends) that shatter the stereotypical homeschool demeanor.

Working in the public as early as 16, I have grown a lot by talking to people and public interactions. However, that last one at the bank has still left me baffled.

Are you still painting?

Something I need to practice more is my painting and art. Do you ever have that deep driven passion inside of you that sometimes you’re terrified that if you expose it too much it’ll take over? No? Maybe I’m the only one. I feel that way about painting. Once I begin, I seem to never want to stop. One of my artistic mentors once told me to

Never stop practicing. Never stop drawing. Keep it up. Don’t lose it. 

Painting sometimes to me is overwhelming. Yet great satisfaction comes from trying to gain the correct vibrancy that is in a photo or a memory stained on my mind.

One of my favorite things to do when I was younger was to make things. My earliest memory was drawing trees outside of my Neenee’s window when I would lie with her in bed. She was really sick, but I didn’t know it at the time, I was only a toddler. Yet, I still remember her. She was the one who started my coffee craving. I remember drinking coffee out of a bottle (with milk, of course). Recently I found out that coffee does the opposite effect on children than it does on adults (???). So maybe that was her intention?

Anyway, enough rambling for one post. Thank you for whoever actually read all of my rambling! Sometimes it’s good to just share with someone your thoughts. Feel free to message anything you feel like rambling about below! I love listening to people!


Enjoy this short time-lapse video of my doodling.

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