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Book Treasure Hunt/ /The Tales of Tarsurella Tour

Hello! Thanks for stopping by my blog! Below you’ll find everything you need for the next step in The Tales of Tarsurella Treasure Hunt!

Comment what outfit you chose! I’d love to know which one you prefer!
If this all new to you, check out the book The Coronation to start an amazing adventure! The new sequel, The Rebellion, just released! 

Welcome to The Tales of Tarsurella Treasure Hunt! Location #6
Prize: $25 Amazon Gift Card

How it works: Follow along with The Rebellion Tour and collect clues at various blog posts throughout the Tour. The clues collected at each assigned stop will be hidden as Pin-able images. After pinning all the images to the Pinterest board of your choosing (we recommend starting a new board!), submit your board to for a chance to win the treasure: a $25 Amazon gift card!

If your board includes all the needed clues, your name will be entered into the random drawing.

The deadline to submit your Pinterest board is Friday June 1st, and the winner will be announced on June 2nd! 

Let the adventure begin!

You’re standing in Princess Bridget’s Closet and there are SO many beautiful garments hanging all around you! How will you ever choose which piece to take home as a souvenir?!

Pin three of your favorite items from Bridget’s Closet!

Find your next clue tomorrow at (May 20th)!

New on the hunt? Visit: to Pin your treasure map, and start collecting clues!
This Blog Tour is hosted by Livy Lynn link: Check out The Coronation, and her new release The Rebellion, coming May 8th! 

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