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What to Give on Mother’s Day


Ever wonder what to give your mom on Mother’s Day?

Here are a few things that are UNDER $25 that would make the perfect gift for your mom!


Because how many moms do you know that don’t wear earrings? Giving her a pair that she doesn’t wear all the time will show her that you appreciate her and she’ll take it to heart that you notice the little things!



Buy her something that she wouldn’t buy herself! I know my mom, and I’m sure yours is the same. Treat her with an item that you know she wants but never gets.


Body Butter 

You can never go wrong with a body butter or her favorite lotion!


How pretty is this wallet, by Kelly & Katie? It has plenty of space to store everything you need in a wallet! Purses and wallets get so torn up, by everyday usage. Upgrade her necessities!


Makeup Brushes

Who can have too many makeup brushes? I am addicted to getting new ones! Most of the time I’ll hand the ones I don’t use down to my mom. It would be really nice to give her a set of her own for a change!


Bath Bombs

This will give your mom an excuse to have her own get-away spa time. Bath bombs are so much fun! I love dropping it in the tub and watching the colors transform the water into various shades. Plus the smell lasts long enough to enjoy it long after the bath!

Makeup Palette

This Lorac eye and cheek palette are perfect for every skin tone. You can even contour or highlight with the two right shades! This palette contains natural shades that are pretty to use for any casual or fancy event.
I hope this helped! Thanks for reading!


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