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Several people have asked me how I use my washi tape to study and mark in my Bible. So I feel led to blog about just that!

I use washi tape to make my own tabs. Tear or cut a piece that’s at least 3 inches long and fold it, leaving some of the adhesive sides.

What if you need to remove the tape? Will it tear the pages? I worried about the same thing, but I have moved several tabs. By pulling gently I haven’t torn any pages. However, to ensure the quality of your Bible pages just in case, you can stick the tape to a surface a few times to remove some of the adhesive.

Organize your tabs. Each color or pattern will mean a specific subject or topic. For example, my shiny rose gold tabs mean there are verses talking about salvation. My succulent tabs show that those verses are for Christian maturity and growth. The plain pink ones in the middle are topics I choose. As you can see some of them are ‘beauty,’ ‘strength,’ ‘humbleness,’ and ‘love.’

I’ve learned from experience that the only pen/marker that will stay on the slick surface of the tape is Sharpies.

The Sakura pens are perfect for taking notes or outlining verses in the Bible because they don’t seep through and show on the other side. They’re easy to write with too! I use the size 01, which is the thinnest. If youdon’t want to purchase the entire pack of pens, Hobby Lobby has some in individual packs.

Write it down in your own words. That’s the easiest way to retain scripture, for me. I typically read a book at a time and study one chapter each day. The verses that stand out the most to me is what I write down in my notepad.

How do I know what to write down? Read over the entire chapter or segment of the Bible once thouroughly. Once you’ve done that you should have a certain verse that sticks out to you. If not, try reading it once more. Stimulate questions to help you digest the verse.
Example: What is the main theme? What is the command to obey? Is there a sin to avoid? How do I apply this to my life right now?

Pray over what you read. If I don’t write in my prayer journal it throws my entire day off its axis. I have a prayer request list, but I don’t always go by it. I try to pray for whatever He puts in my mind at the time. Sometimes nothing really comes and that’s when I dedicate that prayer for praise. Because He deserves every ounce of worship.

Thank you for reading! I pray this helps you and motivates you during your personal quiet time!


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