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Motivation Inspiration/ /He Seeks You/ /Easter 2018

Resurrection Day is here! I cannot believe that Spring has already come.
Every year, I like to read one of the 4 Gospel’s views on the crucifixion around Easter. This year I started reading from Matthew. During my Bible reading, I felt led to share this with you all. Here is what I got out of Jesus’s parable in Matthew 21:33-44.

Characters (perceived by me):

The Landowner is God.
The servants are the previous prophets in the Old Testament.
The Son of the Landowner is Jesus.
The vinepressers are us.

Parable summary:

The landowner plants a vineyard puts up a hedge, builds a winepress, and creates a tower for it. After he leases the vineyard to some vinepressers, he sends his servants to receive the fruit of the harvest. The vinepressers kill all the servants that are sent. The landowner sends more servants and the vinepressers commit murder again. Then the landowner decides to send his son, thinking that the vinepressers won’t kill him out of respect. Yet, the vinepressers do the same to the landowner’s son.


Jesus stops telling the story to ask His disciples, “when the landowner comes, what will he do to the vinespressers?”
The disciples answer like most of us probably would, “he’ll destroy them miserably!”
But the disciples, along with myself, forget to see the true resemblance behind the parable.

Jesus quotes from Psalm 118,

“The stone which the builders have rejected has become the chief cornerstone. This was the Lord’s doing and it is marvelous in our eyes.”

Wow. Okay. Let’s take a minute to decipher this. Jesus’ parable resembles Himself and what we will do to Him. The Stone in the verse in Psalms is talking about Christ who becomes the chief cornerstone of salvation.

God gave us prophets, one after another, to convict and change our ways, but we kept rejecting His Word. When He gave His only begotten Son, we crucified Him.
But what happened after? The Landowner comes. Thank the Lord ‘O my soul, He doesn’t come seeking revenge, but forgiveness! He doesn’t come after blood, but redemption. He loves those who He has created and still desires a relationship with us, even after we spit upon His face.

What a marvelous thing the Lord has done in our eyes!

God seeks you.

No matter what you have done in the past. No matter how much darkness you’ve hidden yourself in. He loves you the same yesterday, today, and forever.

I am so thankful that Jesus’ parable is unfinished. Do you know what happens after the Landowner arrives at dawn on the third day?

He will rise. 

The only begotten Son will rise like the sun.
He will have conquered death with humbleness and humility, taking all of our iniquity and dark secrets with Him.
He can bear all of our burdens and sins, as long as we allow Him to.
He gives peace everlasting.
He makes the darkness tremble.
He seeks you to turn around and stop running. Stop trying to hide or reject Him.
God has come and He seeks you. Do you seek Him?

Thank you for taking the time to read! I pray you have a blessed Easter this year!


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