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Personal Post/ /First Hair Show Impressions

Last Thursday night I got home from work, hopped in the shower and tried to keep my eyelids open while I was awaiting my midnight chariot. (It really wasn’t a chariot, it was actually a Tahoe) My Beauty School Director and another instructor drove down to Orlando Florida for the Matrix Destination Hair Show.

A few months ago, we learned about the exclusive event by a Matrix Educator, John Edwards, who came by the school to talk about the world of Matrix. After he left we looked up ticket prices and somehow, Judy, the Director of the Beauty school got us student tickets that were half the cost of what they are normally.
I thought about it, prayed about, told my mom about it, but I hesitated a couple of weeks before telling my dad about it. 4-5 days away from home, going to a hair convention with 2,500 other stylists in a city with one of the highest crime rates in the nation? Ha. I knew for sure I wasn’t going. But one night I got up the nerve and asked and guess what he said?

So needless to say, I went down to the hair show and back, unscathed. However, the ambition inside got triggered during the experience. I have never felt more motivated to go this route. I have prayed that this path in my life will be fruitful and that my Lord will receive ultimate praise with my hands. Seeing the professionals at work, training and teaching, made me want to do something like that one day. Even if I never get to become a name-brand Educator or Instructor, I would love to teach and train others. To be someone that others can look at and see how far I’ve come. To catch a glimpse of what I’m striving for and spark the same excitement in their own lives.

I hope you enjoy the following pictures I took on the trip! Keep scrolling down to watch a few of the amazing hair classes I was able to be a part of!


We stopped at an antique store on the way down to stretch our legs a bit.
In one of the booths, we found a big bin of randomly-sized boxes all for $2 each. So we all picked one and opened it once we were back inside the Tahoe.


This was a rental house we all stayed in! It was beautiful.
Plus, it had its own pool and hot tub!!


When I went to unpack the things I somehow managed to fit in my suitcase, I found this tucked inside of the pockets.
As you can see, I didn’t have any difficulty sleeping during the trip. My bed was soft as a feather. Every time I would get under the covers it felt like I was sinking into a cloud.
After the other girls caught up with us, we all decided to drive to the Gulf Coast and find some beautiful beaches.
This, I believe was Sanibel Beach.


Gosh, it was beautiful. Just uploading these pictures makes me want to go back so bad!


I had to take the opportunity and snap a nail pic, of course. I asked a nail tech from school to do acrylics on my nails. I really loved how it turned out!


These are my girls!


That evening we went to a local crab shack and ate a day’s worth of fish and fries. So so good!
The show was on the other side of the hotel entrance. Here is a glimpse of how long the red carpet was.
On Sunday, we traveled across a water taxi and went to Universal Studios to eat a bite of lunch.
Amanda, another school instructor is on a gluten-free diet with me and so we couldn’t bypass a giant chocolate emporium which sells gluten-free cocoa products!


I had to take a pic of this to send to my dad! They had the most unique items made of chocolate inside!


After lunch, we had extra time to explore the area a bit. Shopped at a few outlet stores and then tried to beat the rain, but forgetting where we parked the car didn’t help the case of bypassing the downpour.
So for my first hair show, I looked like a wet dog. Fabulous.


We got back in plenty of time though!


In the main hall, there was this big white poster where people usually stand and take a picture. There were all sorts of quotes from people written on it, some of the main Instructors of the hair show!



The red carpet premiere was exciting. So many people wanted to get close enough for a selfie.


I was able to sneak my way close enough to get a picture of Tabitha Coffey’s interview.
When I went back to where my girls were there was this lady who asked me who was up there. I told her and she said, “Oh really? I actually got to meet her before she became so famous!” She asked me to send the pictures I got to her phone. We talked awhile and I found out that she has had her own salon in Florida now for 30+ years. She told me some very valuable tips. One of those being, never settle yourself for less than what you are. 


Once all the interviews were done, the huge red curtains pulled aside and everyone scattered into the walkway.
Each Matrix Destination show they feature a celebrity and create a contest in which you can enter to win a chance to style their hair!






The finale was awesome!
Monday was the start of the hands-on classes. Michael Albor, Nick French, Cori Randall, and Michelle O’Connor taught how to Develop Your Signature Style.


I could have sat there all day and watched them work.



For some reason, we had to cut out of class early and find something to eat. We ended up just eating light snacks outside while waiting for the others to catch up. All of a sudden Paul Falltrick and Daniel Roldan exited the doors across the street from us.
And THEN Tabitha Coffey came outside of the door right next to where we were sitting on the stairwell.
I about had a mini-heart attack!


After rolling some perfume on, I went over towards her and said, “Hi Tabitha! I’m so sorry to bother you, would you care to take a selfie with me?” Her enthusiasm and kindness was so genuine. I thanked her and tried to breathe as I came back towards the other girls.
I still cannot believe I got a picture with one of the most well-known Hair Stylists in the world.
The second class we went to was a cutting class, which so happened to be my favorite! Paul Falltrick, Daniel Roldan, and Dilek Onur-Taylor taught this one.
Paul Falltrick was such an excellent teacher! I took several pages of notes just from him.
The last class of the day was covering the basis of coloring and chemical reactions. Lenny Strand, Leah Sterk, and Lasha Keller taught this class.


We also were able to play around with some new product line! (Which is coming out in June!!)



Afterwards, we all went aboard the water taxi again and ate at Bubba Gumps.



On Tuesday we were only able to attend one class, which was the Modern man. Jamie Stevens, Todd Kane, and Tara Koening taught how to add design and character to a men’s haircut.


We needed to stop by the store before leaving. Guess who was braiding in Biolage station??? Cori Randal and Lasha Keller!

Thanks for reading!



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