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Nail Art/ /Spicy Pumpkins

Pumpkins or…

Pumpkins & leaves??

This look started out simple but then I wanted to add a bit more to it. So here we are! Here’s how I got this look.

First I painted my nails with Pacifica’s Red Red Wine polish. This polish is one of the ones I grab most frequently. It’s wearable in all season. 100% vegan and no animal cruelty. Plus, the quality of this polish is outstanding.

Pacifica/ /Red Red Wine

Next you’ll start to paint your pumpkins. I only did two nails for this design, but you can only do one. Or if you’re really brave do it on all!

OPI/ /Alpine Snow

Then begin to decorate your pumpkin. I used these nail art tools to paint small lines into the surface of the pumpkin. For the stem and leaf, I used a toothpick because I wanted it to be real fine. After you can add some glitter polish to make your pumpkin even more special!

Loreal/ /Tea and Crumpets

Sally Hansen/ /Cool Cucumber

Diamond/ /Glitter

Now, you can stop right there and have a really festive look for fall. Or you can continue to give your other nails attention.
I used the following polishes in stages to make the autumn leaves look authentic.
Sally Hansen/ /Lite

Sally Hansen/ /Expresso

Essie/ /Mamba

Sinful Colors/ /Graine De Poivre

Hope you enjoyed this nail art tutorial!


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