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Book Review/ /The Maid of Fairbourne Hall, Julie Klassen

“Endeavour to serve with such good will and attention to the interest of your employers, that they know they are blessed in having gotten such a good servant, one who serves, not with eye-service as a man-pleaser, but in simplicity of heart as a Christian.”

-Samuel and Sarah Adams, The Complete Servant

Summary: Margaret Macy, born the daughter of a respectful and honorable man, raised by a harrowing stepfather who only entered the family for his own personal gain. Margaret’s deceasing aunt has a large fortune, which will be inherited when she turns of age on her next birthday. After overhearing her stepfather’s plan to trap her into matrimony with his nephew in hopes of obtaining the money, she runs away. Fleeing alongside her maid, looking for a job elsewhere, she must resolve to do the same.
Margaret disguises herself as Nora Garret, a maid at Fairbourne Hall. Eventually, life as a housemaid opens Miss Macy’s way of the previous manner towards her own. Playing the role of servant changes her outlook on several things. Trying to keep her identity hidden, while at the same time trying to steady her wavering heart of returning home and marrying the greedy cousin, or seeking safety in a home full of hazard.
Chaos in Fairbourne Hall beckons the youngest son- Nathaniel Upchurch to return from his father’s plantation in Barbados. As soon as he enters Maidstone’s port, he is welcomed by a raid on the Ecclesia, which burns by the hand of a poetic pirate. This particular pirate has dueled with Nathaniel’s past before, however, the joust is not completely finished. Evoked by the torturous ways of the slave trade, he realizes this calamity is another confirmation to end the plantation income. Still heartbroken by a certain lady’s refusal of marriage, he has not looked at any other during the years spent in the Caribbean. Whilst the elder brother- Lewis Upchurch has broken countless hearts in his absence. Including the heart of Miss Macy.
Margaret discovers her mistake in refusing the youngest brother, Nathaniel Upchurch’s proposal, as she learns of the eldest brother’s crude way with love. After realizing how blind she was by the eldest brother’s charms and wit, she is torn between the choice of revealing her true self to the one who has reason to resent her the most.

I found this image on Pinterest and I loved it because it reminded me of the simplicity of this novel.

Genre: Christian, Historical Fiction, and Romance

Appropriate Age: 12+

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