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Hair Tutorial/ /Effortless Voluminous Curls

These are, honestly, the most, easiest curls I have ever done. Effortlessly quick and beautifully thick with volume. Who doesn’t want that?

The products I used to achieve this look. 

How I got there was first use my ALL-TIME favorite heat protectant. Y’all, this stuff is amazing! If you aren’t using some form of heat protectant, you really should. Not only does it lessen the amount of time it takes for you to style your hair, it protects it and keeps it from heat damage.
Now take the hair and divide into two parts. (You can skip this part if your hair is not as thick. My sister’s locks are soooo thick so I had to create two ponytails. But if you can go along with just one, that is perfectly fine.) Separate the top half from the bottom half by a horizontal line. Once sectioned, take some hair ties and put the hair in ponytails. 
You’re going to grab that curling wand and start curling the ends coming from your ponytails. By doing this, you’re curling the ends while still maintaining that volume which your ponytail is holding. 
After you’ve curled all the ends, wait until the curls cool and spray with some texturizing hairspray. Slip the hair tie out and voila! You should have beautiful and voluminous curls in no time!

Thank you for reading! 

♡ Anna

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