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Book Review/ /Cassidy, Lori Wick

Summary: Young, spirited Cassidy lives in Token Creek in the mountains of Montana. Living with a different identity, she is known all over the small town as the little blonde seamstress who loves the Lord. Cassidy works with a lady named, Jeanette, who lost her husband several years before. Jeanette has taken the role of motherhood, even though she has never been able to bear children, she takes in her nephews as her own. Her sister, who previously moved to Montana with her husband owned a ranch. Jeanette’s sister, Theta, suffered a severe abuse by her husband which caused her physical disabilities. Brad married a young girl named, Meg, who came to Token Creek to stay with some family members. The two are now expecting to become parents together. Trace Holden, the younger of the two cowboys has feelings for young Cassidy but is afraid someone else has her eye. He patiently waits to pursue her, as she tries to keep her past hidden. Unfortunately, someone shows up into town trying to threaten her career and possibly her relationships that have been made with the townsfolk. Will her hidden past ruin all she has made for herself in this little town in Montana? Will Trace Holden still want to court the young Cassidy after hearing the truth?
Thoughts: Lori Wick has never failed to create beautiful stories that inspire and convict. Cassidy was another great romance that I loved. The plot was clever and it was fast-paced. Some of the characters went through heartaches that made my heart clench. But everything ended the way you wanted it to. That’s one thing you can count on when reading a Lori Wick novel, they’ll always leave you at peace and hunger after God, and perhaps even some more encouraging stories. 

Thoughts: I really enjoyed this book. It kept my attention throughout the whole story. I found my copy of this book and the following book, Sabrina, at a little shop in Sheridan, Wyoming. I was traveling with my family at the time. We were headed to Montana that evening, which so happens to be the theme location for these books! It was so neat to experience a book that way. 

Genre: Christian, historical fiction, romance

Appropriate Age: 14+

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