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Book Review/ /The Coronation, Livy Jarmusch

“This moment was like no other. For now, the sun was setting on his father’s reign as King, and tomorrow, it would rise as his.”

Summary: Prince Addison has grown up to be all his father and many siblings knew he could become, a just and honorable future king. His coronation is coming up rapidly, along with the many decisions and life-long relationships that form within this momentous advent. The pressure of ruling keeps Addison up at night. The weight of this heavy-some burden of an entire country in Europe will test the Prince to the max. 

Being the second eldest to the throne, Bridget is the social and fashion model in society, she also has a tremendous influence on her younger siblings. After trusting her heart in the wrong hands, she secludes the remaining, broken pieces so that she will never have to relive the potential of heartbreak again. Her friends overhear rumors about the rebellion growing and threatening the monarch, which makes Bridget even more concerned for her older brother and future king. Bridget must get over the past so that she can be ready for what God has in store for her in the future.

Chasity is the third oldest, she loves getting captured by a book. But when her new security guard takes his role, she finds that it has become more difficult to concentrate. The dividing line between Royals and servants has never been more tempting to cross for Chasity. The more she finds out about her young, handsome, and brave security guard, the more prone her heart is to be stolen, which she promised she would never let happen. Especially after her oldest sister fell into that trap of unreliability.

Hope is the following fourth in line. Her main concern is to not embarrass the family, or herself while staying humble and peaceful. Hope is an asset to the royal family, with her loving and willingness to fathom whatever God lays before her. 
Asher is the fifth from the crown, always falling behind his older brother. He tends to focus on the negative in life, even though his family loves and tries to bring his position into a new light, Asher has created a barrier around his heart that no one can penetrate, other than His Creator. 
Jillian is the active, bubbly, and mature sixth Royal. Her love for family goes before anything else. Having older sisters to look up to inspires her to be the best sister she can be for Millie and Willie, the two younger Royals. Often found in their own little imaginary worlds inside the castle’s walls, the two younger siblings keep the family on their toes. 
Their father and ruler, leads them the best he can, with the mighty and helpful hand of God. Growing up without a motherly figure, the Royal children lack nothing because of the relationships that they have with their Creator. But as the date of the Coronation arrives, the media broadcasts and accentuates their lives more so than usual, which causes them to take precautionary measures and hire new security guards.   

Hansen was raised by his tenderhearted mother, without his father’s vile guidance. His father abandoned his family to chase after the more corruptible things in the world, hoping to gain some peace that turmoils his soul. After training his life to be the protector of his mom and friends, the Royal Security Team sees Hansen as a potential guard for the Palace. However, Hansen’s father sees it as personal gain. The abusive man who broke their family apart makes a proposition for his only son; to betray the Royal family and steal the valuable security code that protects all of the Royal family’s treasury. 

By the King’s humble and God-fearing reign, the kingdom of Tarsuerella has thrived and been ravishing for years. Although there is never a lack of rebellious citizens who envy or reprimand the few mistakes that rules. The unknown threats and neglected poverty throughout the country stirs a passion in Vanessa Bennet, a young girl from the United
 States who gets invited to the Palace and receives the one chance she has wanted most; a chance to change the world. Her fiery heart for the sick and the poor captivate and startle Prince Addison into thinking things he has never thought of before. Of opening his heart for love and a realistic partner to rule with.

A small band from the States has become rapidly popular from their new pop album. An invitation to the Royal Coronation sends the teens from Kentucky to the small country to perform before the largest audience yet. David had never dreamed of playing in front of royalty, especially not the second eldest Princess, Hope, who David has had a brief encounter with at a previous event.  

Can the enemy’s attacks through threatening gossip and riots from the obscure rebellion, along with a major event that will possibly change the nation of Tarsuerella forever, tear the Royal family apart?  Or will the Biblical truths that have founded the country be enough to withstand the battle?

Thoughts: There were so many characters to love, I feared that I would not be able to let them all fit inside my heart, but nonetheless, they did! Each one was imperfect and had their flaws, which made them perfect to me. I loved the character development between the pages! This story was brilliantly written and thought out. Words cannot express how much this book means to me and I hope to the countless of other girls that have/or will read it as well. The focus on the Coronation was clever, and the lives that were thrown into the mix was such a well-orchestrated thing, much like what happens in our own personal lives. One of the main points in the story was that God has it under control. He places people into your life at a specific time, for a purpose. This book stirred my heart and convicted me of several things that I had not thought about before. I highly recommend this to anyone who loves a clean, and Christ-centered love story. You will laugh, cry, you might even be surprised and startled, but you will fall in love with the story and the God who it is written about from the beginning.

Genre: Christian Fiction, Romance, and Young Adult

Appropriate Age: 12+


This was a requested and partnered book review with the Crown of Beauty Magazine. I’ve been following Livy Jarmusch, the author of the girls’ magazine, for a while now and she noticed my reviews from Instagram, which then led to me being able to read her newest novel. I’m humbled and honored by anyone who allows me to review their book, let alone read my reviews!
♡ Anna

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