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Book Review/ /Frederica, Georgette Heyer

Frederica, Georgette Heyer

“-He wished to spend his life with her, because she was the perfect woman he had never expected to encounter.”

Summary: The beginning of the story picked up rapidly. Your first initial greeting with the honest, and sharp Marque, Lord Alverstroke, was one to capture your utmost attention immediately. His character was witty and frequently rude. He finds joy in breaking hearts. He becomes amused when his sisters are riled up. His only love is himself. To put it out there, Alverstroke has no meaning in life- until he receives an unexpected call from his unknown cousin.

Miss Frederica is the only stability the Merrivilles have, ever since their father died. Second eldest, she’s determined to raise her siblings in the city life normalities. Her sister, Charis, is of the age to be introduced to society. Harry, the oldest of the Merrivilles has been handicapped since his teenage years. Choosing to enjoy himself as much as possible, his sustainability is not something to depend upon. Which beckons Frederica in asking the only relative that her father has mentioned for assistance in creating a coming-out ball.
Already having been asked by his widowed sister for the same favor, Alverstroke reevaluates the proposals. For some reason, he decides to host a ball in favor of both ladies. One might assume that the intention is because the rich bachelor has finally met the one, while some- who know his true character- have decided that his purpose was to annoy his sister because Charis is a gem compared to his niece.
Alverstroke gets swiftly taken up with the Merrivilles. Especially Frederica. The two boys, Jessamy and Felix also capture the Marque’s hardened heart. Alverstroke finds himself very involved, so involved that he cannot escape the relationship if he tried. The Merrivilles depend upon him so much so, that the mere thought of his withdrawing would tear them entirely. On top, Alverstroke’s fondness for Frederica has grown to an almost declaration of infatuation.

Thoughts: The relationships that were bonded by so many contrasting characters were fascinating to read. I was curious to see what their actions would be at each turn of the page. The story/plot was brilliantly handled. Enough suspense, enough drama, it was a perfect classical read. Fascinating and never dull.

Genre: Classic, Historical Fiction, Romance

Appropriate Age: 12+

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