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Book Review/ /The Mistress of Tall Acre, Laura Frantz

“Though sympathy tugged at her, Sophie’s imagination made fearsome leaps. The grieving widower. The destitute governess. A motherless child. It had all the makings of a scintillating novel.”

After leaving his home and family for the American Revolution, General Seamus Ogilvy returns home to Tall Acre only to find it desolate and empty. His daughter is in the possession of his wife’s sister, and the trails to his wife are concluded with a gravestone.
Three Chimneys is the neighboring house to Tall Acre, and the only left inhabitant is Sophie Menzies- the daughter of a devout Tory. In the aftermath of the American Revolution, the property she has grown up and loved to cherish is being taken away from her. After her mother’s death, she is left to keep up the household in her father and brother’s absence.
Achieving victory from the war only to come home with a maimed hand and a scared, adolescent daughter, Mr. Ogilvy is in need of many things to bring Tall Acres to the condition it was when his former parents were thriving in its halls, one of them being a mother for the young, Lily Cate.
Whereas, Miss Menzies is in need of companionship and ownership of her beloved home. In need of a Savior for her bleak circumstance, she finds solace in taking care of Ogilvy’s daughter, Lily Cate. The two form a bond that is impenetrable. Thus, causing the Master of Tall Acres to readjust his complications and stress. Seeing life anew in the eyes of his daughter and having to recreate their relationship, which was torn apart in the midst of war, he gains help from his tenderhearted, compassionate neighbor.

Genre: Christian Fiction, Romance, Young Adult, Historical Fiction

Appropriate Age: 12+

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