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Book Review/ /Christy Miller Collection, Robin Jones Gunn

Christy Miller Collection, Robin Jones Gunn

“Bad friends could ruin your whole life. Be wise when it comes to choosing your friends. You set the standard. You be the one who stands strong. Don’t be a follower.”

Summary: In the beginning of the series, Christy doesn’t know God personally. Through the first book, she goes to visit her Aunt and Uncle in California for the summer. She meets several new people on the beach and a few of those being Todd and Doug (some friendly surfer guys), after her Aunt tries to remodel the Wisconsin-born farmer’s daughter into a Californian beach babe. Some of her new friends turn out to not be friends at all. When she left her small farmhouse, she made a promise to her parents not to do anything she would regret.

You’ll find out if she keeps that promise or if she makes some new decisions that will influence her whole life.

Thoughts: The Christy Miller Collection are one of my favorite book series, because I started reading them when I began to really understand God and the decision I made to trust in Him years ago. Around the same time I started reading the Bible daily also. So when Christy comes to Christ in this first book, I felt very connected to her.

Genre: Christian Fiction, Young Adult Romance

Appropriate Age: 12+

If you enjoyed Christy Miller’s stories you should check out her best friends’, Katie and Sierra, they both have separate collections.

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